Asana – Connection

Asana – Connection

Tipically, in the West, when we speak of “Yoga” we refer to the practice of a specific set of  physical postures. These are traditionally called āsanas and their practice Yoga āsana. 


The literal translation of the sanskrit word “āsana” is “seat”. The experience of the seat  connects us to the Earth. Thus, āsana, or the establishment of the seat, means the  practice of connection to the Earth. And this Earth includes all Life manifestations –  human beings, non-human beings and nature. 


Therefore, through the practice of Yoga āsana we connect to Earth and all Her  manifestations.  


On the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali chapter II – Sadhana Paddha – there’s a clear reference of  how this seat should be – stable (sthira) and harmonious (sukham). The word āsana  describes, then, the goal of this physical practice: to relate to all beings, without  distinction, in a stable and harmonious way.  


sthira sukham āsanam (Y.S.II:46) 

sthira: stable 

sukham: easy, harmonious, comfortable 

āsanam: seat, connection to the Earth  


This is a radical ideal that if put to practice could dismantle the current conflicts and wars  that we, human beings, as species have been enduring against Nature and the animal  beings. From the cessation of that war we could start building a new world and a new way  of living more harmonious and sustainable, focused on joy and mutual benefit.  


If we practice yoga āsana we practice connection to the Earth and All beings. May we  expand our experience when practicing to all moments of our lives. May the seat we occupy within this world – our āsana in and out of the mat – be stable and harmonious  towards all living beings. That is the goal of the practice. A conscious practice, a  connection practice.